Getting CSBuild

As CSBuild is currently still in development, we haven't yet created a full packaged installer. In the mean time, there are two ways of getting csbuild:

  1. Get the latest version from github

    You can download the latest version of csbuild from the main github repository. Alternatively, you can grab the most recent development build from the unstable branch. To install, open a terminal or command window and navigate to the download directory, then run " sdist install".

    You will need to have pip installed to do this; to obtain pip, please see the instructions here.

  2. Install with pip

    Using pip, you can obtain csbuild via the command "pip install csbuild," and upgrade it via "pip install csbuild --upgrade". The version in pip will always mirror the current version in the github master branch.
CSBuild is a product of 3Jade Technologies, © 2013-2014 Jaedyn K Draper
Major contributions from Brandon M Bare/Aegresco LLC