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Build Timeline

Don't just see what is happening, see everything that has happened. With a full timeline of your build at your fingertips, you can analyze your build even after it's long finished to discover problems and opportunities to improve your build process, such as by rearranging long projects toward the top of the build priority queue.

Build Profiler

Why stop at profiling and optimizing code? CSBuild provides access to a line-by-line build profiler, giving you unprecedented ability to locate and correct code design issues that are causing problems with your build. Whether it's a template class instantiation that's taking too long, or a particularly expensive header include that could be replace by a forward-declare, CSBuild gives you the tools to find and fix the sources of your build time issues.

Dependency Graph Generation

CSBuild includes the ability, using graphviz, to generate dependency graphs of your projects, allowing you to see the interactions between your various applications and libraries and locate opportunities to improve your project structure.

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